Hi, I’m Steve Byrne

Thank you for visiting my About Me page. I thought you may appreciate a little background on me.

I’m a son, brother, father, partner, friend. Actually, that’s sound like a line from the movie Gladiator. Moving on….

I’m 60ish years young.

I have lived in Birmingham since 2016 with my partner Wendy who is a beautiful English rose, she’s one of life’s natural good souls, what’s amazing is she doesn’t even realise it.

I have two brilliant children from my first marriage, my son Ross is a man now, he’s 26 and I’m so proud of the guy he is. He will cringe if he ever reads this.

My stunning daughter Aoife is 23 she’s kind, loving and a wonderful force of nature. Did I mention she was headstrong and loves to ride horses any chance she’s gets.

We have two dogs, Mia the Labrador/Retriever cross she is the “Bridget Jones” of the dog world and Cleo the terrier, “the boss”.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1958. I grew up with my three sisters (all various degrees of redheads, and, yes, it’s true,).

My dad was the only breadwinner with mum providing love and nurturing, well, most of the time, did I mention I was a bit of a joker when I was a kid.

I didn’t do very well at school, leaving at sixteen, actually, I ran. The only honours certification I achieved was in wood and metal work, I loved to work with my hands.

My very first job then was as a lithographer (Printer) I served 4 years apprenticeship and was with the company for well over 20 years. That skillset no longer exists in that form, anymore.

I even worked in construction as a banksman (loading and directing cranes) for a year or so in my younger days, boy that was tough.

In 1974 I discovered my heart’s passion, martial arts. I travelled to train and study in lots of different countries including Japan, many times. I trained constantly for nearly 40 years with some amazing teachers.

The core values of Martial Arts, honour, integrity, respect and self-discipline resonated with me at a deep level then and still does today.

I also taught personal safety and self- defence programmes to people concerned about their personal safety.

Through practising martial arts I became interested in and studied alternative medicine.
In 1997 in qualified in Amatsu Tatara, a wonderful world opened up for me and I was self-employed in this field for a number of years.

This practice indirectly lead me to spiritual healing, meditation and awareness of self.

I came to absolutely love the ability of breaking out of the traditional conditioned paradigm of limiting thought patterns and beliefs. I became aware of what can be achieved and what’s possible in a much different way and on a whole other level.

I was of course very sceptical at first, my default mode, but for me, my journey and experiences certainly dispersed that mindset quickly.  I love it and still do.

In a Dublin Hospital, I worked on rehabilitation Stroke unit for 6 years. In Birmingham UK I worked in with supporting discharged Hospital patients in the community for 2 years.  So, you can see, I have very diverse work experience.

Right, that’s about enough about my past, I think.

Just after turning sixty I was looking for something where I could be more financially self-reliant with more free time, control and increase my quality of life and those around me.

I was looking for something I could do part-time until it could replace my income.

I looked where I never looked before, I looked into online businesses, I had no previous marketing experience. I could just about found my way around a computer, sent emails and surf the web, that kind of stuff and that’s about it.

So, with due diligence, I did my own research into online Marketing, looking at YouTube videos, lots of them and of course Facebook. I read countless independent online reviews, collating as much information and insight from all the sources I could think of and of course, I was again sceptical.

As you know there are a lot of “Get Rich Quick schemes” out there and enough horror stories of press button or turn-key online business that are far too complicated or cost an absolute fortune to set up or downright scams and rip-offs.

If someone said to me “give me your money and within a few weeks you’ll be making thousands” I would think that something is not quite right, wouldn’t you.

Anyway, I kept returning to a digital educational company called SFM, Six Figures Mentors founded by two young guys, well younger than me, named Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

THE SIX FIGURES MENTORS is a digital business system. Taught through a step-by-step modular online programme along with mentorship.

You can, of course, progress through the modules at your own pace.

It covers all aspects of online entrepreneurship base on a tried and proven system, creating a solid foundation to build upon. Thereby avoiding many of the financial boo-boos and challenges that aspiring newbies tend to make on their first online business.

The system is designed so you can earn as you learn. You can learn HOW to create, grow and market your own website, product or service. Or, even be an affiliate, that’s promoting other people’s products or services and gain a commission, like me.

By the way, the commissions are very good. It’s one of the easier methods to generate an income online. But please do your own research.

Remember the saying, “give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish and he feeds himself for life” An essential learnable skill-set for sustainability.

Both Stuart and Jay constantly promote providing VALUE to members and customers, hence always going the extra mile. This is evident in the training, quality content and constant updating of skill sets, techniques, and marketing strategies to get you up and running and keep you there.

To the degree they want you to succeed they include important topics of positive mental attitude, self-motivation, marketing skills and strategies via webinar’s with top SFM marketers

The SFM also encourages the community, that’s all it members, to communicate sharing knowledge, insight, support to help each other to progress and grow.

Yes, I was impressed then and still am now.

I will let you research these two guys yourself, just ask google or jump on YouTube, you’ll find them easily.

So there you have it, and guess what, I’m currently an affiliate marketer with SFM and always progressing and loving it.

All the best to you, mind yourself.